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Feb 25, 2013 2:00pm PST
construction impacts to the neighborhood. it moves them just to the other side of columbus. this pagoda property faces columbus, so the disruption to traffic is inevitable and the dirt and all the other things are still there. it's not a handful of people that are opposed to it as supervisor chiu said. in all the meetings i have been to, a majority have been opposed to. one official at the community meeting was cut short by a fire alarm. it's been very frustrating to the people attending that meeting that we were not allowed to ask questions. the likelihood of a north beach stop is next to nil. the agreement with the owner does not allow for a station at that site, i understand. i would also like to dispute the idea that they keep saying it will be a 50' height limit on the project. it's supposed to be based on the conditions of the original permit, which limited the building to the existing building envelope only part of which was 50' high. i worry about the loss of that particular specific wording in all of these documents and i brought this to the attention of mr. chiu's offic
Feb 20, 2013 7:00am PST
obviously much better than the columbus avenue extraction. we have worked and supported. our neighborhood merchants and neighbors not disrupting the business community for over a year or two. we also have a strong feeling that the pagoda site's $9 million expenditure to extract tbms which have salvage value at most 4.4 to $6 million is illogical. by not even extracting the machines at the pagoda, by varying the machines as has been done in new york city, in brisbane, australia, in the tunnel in the english channel, where machines are either lowered below tunnels or shifted to the side or [speaker not understood], that machines can be buried. machines can be extracted technically at any point in a project. the chinatown retrieval of the tbms was the base project in the approved e-i-r. it is technically feasible. it saves two extending tunnels that are about 4,000 total feet, saving about $70 million. why not save $80 million and put it into muni? thank you. >>> president fong, commissioners, my name is aaron peskin. i had the pleasure of voting for the environmental impact rep
Feb 28, 2013 2:30am PST
afternoon, and thank you for listening to all of us. i'm lori thomas, the owner at 532 columbus, which is right on the block before columbus and union. i just wanted to reiterate what i have already told a lot of folks here and director reiskin, which is this is a difficult situation and i think the pagoda palace is the best alternative, as well as i can understand to minimize the disruption in north beach. during the period full time from august to the end of, nor when we had the utility work going forward, our monday to friday lunch sales dropped 25%. i would recommend that the city and mta consider some sort of rent credit for the co-located businesses, certainly on that specific block, perhaps. because it's hard to project all of the influences that affect drops in revenue; right? so i do want to say that i appreciate all the work that everybody has done to try to come up with a solution and if we have to bring the devices up in north beach, i think the pagoda theater offers the best alternative that i am aware of right now. but i do want to speak as a business owner and recognize
Feb 28, 2013 2:00am PST
day as the first community meeting to provide details about the proposed construction on columbus avenue. in 2008, the plan to extract the tunnel-boring machines in north beach was approached by the sfmta and the planning commission. between 2008 and this past may the sfmta did not do any outreach about the construction plans in north beach and when my constituents learned about this -- director reisk and many other staff from the mta met numerous times to hear concerns raised between last summer and the last few weeks. and to recap the sfmta began considering a number of alternatives to the columbus avenue extraction, that were raised by my office and the community. and presented four options at a community meeting last november. the pagota optioned was welcomed by most attendees, as well as leaving the tbms in the ground north of the chinatown station. i want to thank the sfmta staff for studying the option we're looking at today and presenting it an alternative. the board directed its staff to pursue the pagota a option. first the pagota theater option is far less disruptive to
Feb 17, 2013 9:30am PST
street instead of our previous plan or current plan to remove them from columbus avenue in front of washington square park. the plan was to remove them from the public right-of-way, but in response to community concerns raised with the disruption that would cause to the north beach community, we began looking for alternatives to that plan and looking at ones in particular that would reduce the disruption that would impact the north beach community. we identified four different -- we narrowed our search down to four different options. we went with president chiu to the community in november and presented those options, presented the pros and conses as we saw them with each. and of those the pagoda palace option removing the tunnel boring machines from the pagoda site as opposed to from the public right-of-way was the one that both had community support and the one that would not inhibit a future project. * the community was supportive of a few different options. the pagoda palace option swills another, leaving the tunnel boring machines in the ground in chinatown. however, what we ad
Feb 14, 2013 2:00pm PST
is currently planned for columbus and union and moves it completely off-site to an off-street location where that extraction can happen without the disruption that would be caused by the columbus and union project. thirdly, and this is something i would expect most of you to respond to, it remove from the heart of our neighborhood a rusting hull being of a building that has been a symbol of our neighborhood's inability to get its architectural and commercial act tonighttion. it's time for that building to go. and whatever would fake it away and allow the future to roll on, i'm in support of. * this item also keeps two of the best things about the columbus and union extraction. it allows the salvage value of the tunnel boring heads to offset the cost of extraction, and important to those of us who support a station in north beach, that is the majority of my neighbors in my opinion, it preserve the section of tunnel that's currently planned in phase ii that runs from chinatown to north beach. it's already paid for. it's a done deal. and it allows that section of tunnel to be bui
Feb 14, 2013 2:30pm PST
whether they're residents or businesses instead of doing it on columbus avenue, we're now doing it on the pagoda site, which i imagine will be less impactful or a lot less impactful than doing it in the street. we've got a project that's pretty much identical to the project we approved, but probably has more opportunity and more feasibility to be built. and i agree with ms. christiansen, i hope this leads to more debate about than it is here, extending the subway to north beach and onto fisherman's wharf. so, i guess the only question i have is something mr. bruno raised about could we impact or could we reduce the impact on the neighborhood even more by moving the machines to the side, you know, under the new library, under the park, under joe di maggio, under some other right-of-way and leave them there. i didn't see that alternative as being discussed. is that an alternative that you all thought about and dismissed for some reason or another? >> thank you, commissioner hillis. but that was one when i mentioned we had explored i think four different options that we brought to the
Feb 17, 2013 1:00pm EST
. last year, wisconsin won this game in columbus but they were beaten, giving up a 15-0 run late in columbus early this year. >> bill: look at the hands and strength. >> tim: there is no one better at that position defending, is there? >> bill: you two should get along. he's one of those guys on the playground, "can't you play someone else today? i want to have fun." >> tim: foul called against amir williams. sam dekker, freshman phenom is going to come in now for ryan evans. we'll hear reaction from the fans. he is a local star. won the state championship by askering eight points in the last 43 seconds on this very floor for his home town of sheboygan, wisconsin. lutheran high school. his dad is the coach. >> bill: he decided early in his career he wanted to come here too. he's going to be a terrific player. great looking stroke. i thought he handled himself well with the media too. trying to start something between he and evans, get more time for him, the local favorite, as you mentioned, tough to handle, with this guy. >> tim: you talk about a guy that's living in the moment and
Feb 11, 2013 11:00pm PST
without a win. the sharks try to get it back together in columbus against the blu jackets. . and the warriors unveil their new high-tech, lightweight uniforms. but what does gary think about them? stay tuned well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible. >> the sharks matt pelech gets into it with jared boll gets some good punches in 2nd period/ 1-0 blue jackets columbus' james wisniewski scores on the power play 2- 0 jackets 2nd period/ 2-0 blue jackets cody goloubef slaps it in from distance for columbus 3-0 jackets 3rd period/ 5-1 blue jackets blue jackets on the power play again vinny prospal turns on the red light 6-1 jackets battered todd mcclellan 5 game winless streak for the sharks final: 6-2
Feb 27, 2013 3:30am PST
, with the palace at washington square for the premises at 1731 - 1741 powell street and 601 columbus avenue, for an annual rent of $400,000 plus reimbursement of certain landlord costs, not to exceed $2,350,000 related to the sfmta's use of the premises to build the central subway project tunnel, and approving total expenditures resulting from use of the site to facilitate tunnel construction in an amount not to exceed $9,150,000, including total lease costs not to exceed $3,150,000 and total additional demolition, design, construction and related costs not to exceed $6,000,000. >> good afternoon, mr. president. welcome. >> thank you. good afternoon, mr. chair. good afternoon, directors. mr. reiskin. i wanted to come for a moment and really thank everyone who has been involved in the conversation that we're about to have on the central subway and the pagoda theater. we've come a long way since last may when my office got a call on the same day as the first community meeting about the potential disruption related to the proposed construction on columbus avenue. and i know that so many
Feb 5, 2013 3:30pm PST
boring machine to columbus and union. supervisor chiu also wanted me to offer our sincere thanks to the sfmta staff as well as staff from other relevant departments specifically the city attorney's office, planning, and the department of building inspection because although we're not there yet, the city staff that had been working on this project has engaged in an incredible amount of work in a short amount of time to even get where we are now. we do -- we are cautiously optimistic that the city will achieve agreement with the property owner and that we will be able to move forward at planning on thursday and at the board on the coming monday. i am available and will be here through the public comment on this item. like to hear from the public and see if any directors have any question. i did want to say our office is working on responding on supervisor chiu's behalf. questions have been raised from muni and also from some other residents and businesses in the neighborhood. the biggest concern that we are -- we will be tracking is the impact of even the pagoda option specifically a
Feb 17, 2013 11:00am PST
columbus and leaving them. they were, as i mentioned for the different alternatives that we brought forward to the community, there were pros and cons. in the end the confluence of being able to help address the pagoda site, of being able to pull the machines out as is currently contemplated in our contract, not leave something underground, that kind of tipped the balance. at that particular meeting at the time there was -- seemed to be little to no public support for bringing the machines to north beach and leaving them in the ground. but that is something that's viable, it's something that we could do. but in weighing the different pros and cons of the project and the impact on the community, the pagoda was -- seemed far and away the best option. >> and just so we know, it's irrelevant to the approvals. what is that process like? i mean, actually, you know, excavating and making that extraction tunnel and extracting the machinery, how long does that take? i mean, is it similar to building a building there? how long impactful is it to the neighbors? >> so, the extraction itself, it will be
Feb 19, 2013 1:30pm PST
tunnel boring machines from columbus avenue. as the supervisor said, and you're correct in saying, if it weren't for his leadership and the leadership of mayor lee, we wouldn't have gotten this done. it really took the city family coming together and the personal involvement of president chiu and mayor lee. so, very grateful that we are all able to come together. as he he also said, it wasn't just the mta staff, but planning department, city attorney's office. we had the economic development folks involved, the building inspection, really everybody coming together in a pretty extraordinary way and under an extraordinary timeline. so, what we're happy to be bringing to you, a proposed lease that we were close to having done in time for last meeting, have now since gotten done. didn't want to bring it to you until it was signed by the other party, and until the initial planning commission approvals or the planning commission approvals were in place, which we secured last thursday in this room that they approved i think three different pieces of legislation. and the special use district
Feb 10, 2013 6:00pm EST
columbus ohio speaking to some society the state runs and the night before i went to a restaurant in columbus and i got up in front of them and i said there is no doubt you lose some of your memory that you make up with that with the experience you have. i said i wish i didn't lose as much memory as i had. i ate at a restaurant in columbus last night and i wish i could remember the name because if i want to come to columbus again i want to remember not to go there. [laughter] >> it's been a great experience for me writing this book and having it published. i'm not keen being out here selling it. i don't malae the meek writers write the book and then go out and sell it. i remember thinking years ago i never did this. i never sold anything and i objected of writers that went on radio and television shows to sell their book by softened on that over the years and i am quite surprised at what a pleasant experience doing this is. i meet somebody i know for someone who knows someone i know. i went to a little bookstore in jersey a couple weeks ago and they had 400 people. i mean, you ought
Feb 19, 2013 5:30pm PST
will go over a few incidents that happened on broad way and columbus, there was an aggravated assault and the victim was stabbed six times at a parking lot across from the seller. looking into it, as far as what we know so far, there is a verbal altercation in the club and it did not amount, as far as we know into a yelling match or anything like that. much, less of a fight. but the victim, left the club, went across the street and was attacked by about 8 people. he was kicked, punched and went down to the ground and then he was stabbed three times in the chest and two times in the stomach. so when things like this happen, you are trying to think, is there anything that the club could have done differently. at this point, i don't know. if there was a small, if there is an argument, you know, who knows whether or how verbal that was or whether it ruled out i don't know yet. so i am going to reserve judgment. but i do want you to know that that did happen. we are also dealing with the parking garage and maybe improving lighting or they did not have an attendant there. >> these are the t
Feb 17, 2013 1:30pm EST
that three to really stretch the five man. >> tim: he had the big shot last year in columbus. they'll put that away. >> bill: bruesewitz banging. part of the problems with thomas, can't get free. nice drive. >> tim: krafsht not there. did everything but finish. they only had 24 points. berggren and bruesewitz get up and down the floor. it's now 39-20. >> bill: talk about effort. wire to wire, bruesewitz, that's not necessarily speed but involvement. >> tim: ohio state in the victory only had 24 in columbus. they have 22 now. being held to your lowest output in a half is something a lot of oon posing teams of wisconsin deal with. >> tim: 4 1/2 seconds between the shot clock and the game clock. great defense by craft lead to the deflection and the turnover. >> bill: bruesewitz, there he is at the foul line, sprinting, take advantage. the red shirts outnumbered. aggressive in nature. he really stimulates this team, i think. consistent in his endeavors. >> tim: gets along with the officials too. >> bill: he's a charmer. got to get something positive for ohio state. lean on as you figure o
Feb 17, 2013 6:00pm PST
happened was the center before columbus -- sentry before columbus. >> one of the reasons he decided to retire is that he was there when this previous pope had this long and agonizing death, and when he read about him being wheeled down the corridor, you realize that he was tired and depressed and human, actually. >> colby. >> know when to hold them and know when to fold them. he made the right call. >> he has his critics -- >> i am standing on the outside of this one. i just don't know enough -- >> in a way, you could say that he is starting a new tradition of introducing term limits. >> one of the factors, as some suggested, he did joined twitter and it has been a disappointment for millions of people. >> last word. see you next week.
Feb 24, 2013 6:00pm EST
harlan say zaying goodbye from columbus, ohio. this has been a presentation of cbs sports. humans. goodbye from columbus, ohio. this has been a presentation of cbs sports. our t's and dot our i's, this has been a presentation of cbs sports. ohio. this has been a presentation of cbs sports. we still run into problems. namely, other humans. which is why at liberty mutual insurance, auto policies come with new car replacement and accident forgiveness if you qualify. see what else comes standard at liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? [ male announcer ] a tradition unlike any other. [ man ] another watson is wearing a green jacket and this time his name is bubba. [ male announcer ] the masters on cbs. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> jeff: good evening, everyone, i'm jeff glor. it is already nascar's biggest race but this year's daytona 500 attracted hor than just sports fans for more than one reason. first there was danica patrick, the first woman to win pole position. and today the first to lead the race. but
Feb 8, 2013 8:30pm PST
down columbus avenue. recently the north beach businesses found out about the plan to extract these enormous machines and erupted in a fury. i am grateful for chiu because she arranged for four or five meetings. almost everybody else at meeting four voted to extract the machines at chinatown. it presented five options for the extraction of the machines. it was stunning that north beach belatedly was given the opportunity to have a say in this proposed disruption of our neighborhood. we found out about it. the vote at the meeting where i was at, not acknowledged by director riskin or david chu or john -- more than half of the meeting voted for the chinatown extraction. then somehow the pagoda palace was cited as the preferred site. suddenly, it's like joel campos, the original developer of the site he was given permission for condos and restaurants and commercial space two or three years ago but we were told that he ran out of money. suddenly he was offered a two year lease, and for god sake a suppolmental eir renewing all its permits which have expired. 27 parking spaces for 19 cond
Feb 3, 2013 9:00pm PST
6 a hand. as a result police were deployed to strategic areas on broadway and columbus. instead the game with a 49er loss. it could be seen on the fans leaving the bar after the game. they left quietly and from all appearances severely disappointed. they reduced their presence after it became evident there was not going to be any trouble here. they are still patrolling the area. back here live the club is basically empty right now and so is broadway. all the way down to columbus. police are still driving through some motorcycle officers a few minutes ago patrolling the area just in case if anything were to flare-up here. >> dan: police seemed very well prepared for tonight. >> ama: rick kwan with some of the highlights of the game and for the 49ers in the second half there were highlights. >> they were about to pull it out. a wild superbowl 47 which featured a 34 minute power outage and great second half come back. it was brother versus brother. flacco gets them on the board first with a strike, 7-0 ravens. james fumble, he takes ravens 75 yards and touchdown, 14-3. next possession,
Feb 19, 2013 11:00pm EST
department tomorrow. columbus is 24 degrees colder than they were 24 hours ago, pittsburgh 16 degrees colder. we're actually warmer, but we will see this drop off as well as the colder air continues to come in. gusty winds will also be a part of that story. pittsburgh has a gust of 28, so does beckley, columbus and detroit and as the frontal boundary continues moving away from the coast, the combination of pressure dropping and increasing pressure from an area of high pressure that will build in wednesday we'll get that tight pressure gradient going. locally winds aren't too bad yet, baltimore gusting to 24, gaithersburg 24, martinsburg 30, cumberland 29. that's typical how the winds are tomorrow as well. wind chills will also be a story, not too terrible at this hour, but expect them to be in the 20s most of the day tomorrow. some of you might have wind chills in the teens. the rain is long gone and maybe there were wet patches around. i think the wind will do a number on them tonight. keep in mind anything sheltered will probably freeze. snow only for the mountains. i don't think an
Feb 11, 2013 11:30pm PST
crashed back to earth is an extreme understatement. in columbus thomas ghrist in the net and he's not up to the occasion at all it. gets worse. 3-1 columbus after patrick marleau uncorks no. 10 of the year, but that's as close as they would get. columbus three goals in the 3rd period including two in eight seconds, vinny prospal beats ghrist. sharks are winless in their last five games. >>> nice distraction from the way the warriors have been playing basketball of late and a nice marketing opportunity to boot, team unveiling the new look uniforms, rookie barnes doing some modeling earlier today in the modern era of nba basketball. this is the first time anyone will have sleeves, very lightweight material it is, quite a fashion statement to be sure. it will spark the interest with fans, but it's the players' reaction that's probably most important with this. >> it's something different, something that's against the norm. i think as time goes on more people will choose to embrace it. >> it kind of feels weird walking out on the floor first game, but i like the feel. it's differently i'm
Feb 11, 2013 8:00pm PST
sharks have had a little bit of a while all they were hitting if wall.. columbus' james wisniewski scores on the power play 2-0 jackets 2nd period/ 2-0 blue jackets cody goloubef slaps it in from distance for columbus 3-0 jackets 3rd period/ 5-1 blue jackets blue jackets on the power play again vinny prospal turns on the red light 6-1 jackets battered todd mcclellan 5 game winless streak for the sharks final: 6-2 blue jackets jekyll and what you think? jacqueline --you think? >> jacqueline: i think that they had seven consecutive victories in the beginning that was difficult to keep, that pace. >> gary: with equity and the franchise. . perhaps you are a bit more lenient. but the first sign of trouble? >> jacqueline: with some playoffs if they're not onif they have not had one the playoffs. and i'm surprised. >> gary: some decent time in columbus. the warriors before the game with a host houston and today, the warriors unveiled the first modern short-sleeved nba uniforms today harrison barnes did the modeling if you love sports like i do. made by adidas. they feature a form-fitting
Feb 8, 2013 9:00pm PST
is conditional use permit for 1520 stockton street, on the east side near green st., and columbus avenue. consists of 9 existing antennas. the facility is proposed in a location preference new the north beach special use district, the north beach special restricted use district, and -- staff has received a petition with four signatures opposed to the project because of health concerns. staff recommends approval with conditions for this project. >> commissioner wu: thank you. >>: good afternoon commissioners, terry -- again with at&t. joined today by -- we are seeking your approval to install 9 panel antennas, preferred location under the wireless guidelines. stockton near greenstreet with a lot of foot traffic. it picks up a lot of traffic as you know. we are looking to seek your approval on the site. i thank planning department staff for their help. >> commissioner wu: public comment? one speaker card. daniel short. >>: my name is daniel schwartz, longtime resident of north beach, eight years software engineer and vice president of the villa north beach homeowners association. i
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 328 (some duplicates have been removed)